Synthesize Tunes With the Korg Kaossilator

Unlike most other synthesizers that use keys or buttons to allow you to hit different notes, the Korg Kaossilator stands out right from the start simply because it has neither! Instead, the central feature of its design is a touchpad that may seem daunting at first but is really incredibly easy to use!

Essentially, the touchpad is a control that allows you to alter the pitch through movements left and right, while altering the sound by moving up or down. While this can take some getting used to, you’ll find that it really is very intuitive and grasping the Kaossilator and it’s touchpad-driven system shouldn’t take long at all.

But its revolutionary approach to synthesized sounds is really just the beginning of what the Kaossilator can do.

In addition to its core feature, it also has an incredible variety of built in sound effects that range from lasers to arcade game sounds. And on top of that there is a drum kit that includes tons of built in beats that you can use to base your music on.

To put it in simple terms: With such a range of sound effects, drum beats and the ability to churn out exactly the type of sounds you like at will – you have all the ingredients that you need to create your own tunes.

And if you’re looking for something more – you’re in luck. With the Kaossilator you’ll find that you’re able to layer your music as and how you please, while looping certain layers and even blending different types of sounds together. End of the day, this will give you almost complete control over every aspect of your music from start to finish.

Already, the Kaossilator is widely used by artists, DJs and other music professionals. Quite simply its ability to help you find the exact sound you’re thinking of is truly uncanny. In fact, the recently unveiled Kaossilator Pro builds on the success of the original by offering a larger pad and yet more sound types!

If you’re considering buying this amazing synthesizer, you’re going to unlock a world of possibilities that you probably  have only begun to even imagine. Armed with the Kaossilator, you can even produce your own albums based on your own artistic vision.

To be entirely honest – it does have some limitations. The original version’s primary flaw was that it could only loop two bars of music in 4/4 time. That limitation however is a thing of the past in the Kaossilator Pro – and in fact this new version even allows you to save your settings and tunes on a SD card.

All things said and done, if you’re interested in producing your own music, whether as a hobby or a career option – the Kaossilator will serve you dutifully!

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